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Number of years performing hair transplants: 18


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 Dr. Bradley Wolf

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Welcome to the Wolfhair Medical Group

Bradley Wolf Surgical Hair Restoration
11877 Mason Rd
Cincinnati, Ohio,, USA

Tel: (800) 900-GROW or (513) 774-0400
Fax: (513) 774-0410

[Other Locations: St. Petersburg]


Dr. Bradley R. Wolf M.D. was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was raised on a farm in nearby Indiana. Dr. Wolf received his undergraduate degree from the Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana with a double major, in Biology and Chemistry. He graduated from Indiana University School of Medicine at Indianapolis in 1980. After two years of General Surgery residency at Eastern University Graduate School of Medicine in Norfolk, Virginia he began a career in Emergency Medicine. Dr. Wolf has been board certified in Emergency Medicine having practiced that specialty for nine years.

Dr. Wolf and his staff were featured in the Hair Transplant Roadtrip.
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Since 1990, Dr. Wolf has practiced surgical hair restoration exclusively. In 1992 he became the Medical Director of a group of 13 clinics. From 1990 until 1994 he trained numerous physicians and surgical assistants his methods of hair restoration. He developed a nationwide quality assurance program for these clinics. Most recently his clinic in Cincinnati formed a partnership with a United States/Russian corporation to open the first hair restoration clinic in Russia. Wolf-Neva has opened a clinic in St. Petersburg, Russia associated with I.P. Pavlov's First Medical Institute. The Russian doctors he trained are currently using his microsurgical techniques on patients in St. Petersburg, Russia. Since then Dr. Wolf trained doctors from Czech Republic, Belgium, Switzerland and Ireland.

Dr. Wolf is dedicated to providing the highest quality hair transplantation results available. Patients travel from all over the country to his clinic is Cincinnati. He does not perform a high volume of procedures but rather consistently stresses quality during each case. In the past Dr. Wolf traveled to multiple locations to perform hair restoration procedures. He has found that it is best if patients travel to his custom designed office in Cincinnati. In Cincinnati, Dr. Wolf maintains consistency in factors important to assuring the highest quality treatment available. His permanent staff is patient oriented. His equipment is specific to hair restoration surgery. He and his staff take no shortcuts. Dr. Wolf participates in every procedure and personally places the majority of the grafts into the scalp assuring that the grafts are placed perfectly.

Dr. Wolf takes the time with each patient to insure their satisfaction. On each surgery day only one procedure is performed. There is no rush to perform the surgery and no "assembly line" situation. Experience has shown that the best results are created when undivided attention is given to each and every hair follicle. For these reasons Dr. Wolf has built a successful hair restoration practice. He is enjoying respect in the local medical and business community. In December 2001 Hair Transplant Forum published an article about him in the "Life Outside of Medicine" section.


Dr. Wolf is not immune to hairloss. He has had transplants performed. These are his Before and After pictures.

He's a patient too!


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