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Exclusively performs transplants : YES

Number of years performing hair transplants: 25


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 Dr. James DeYarman, DO

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DeYarman Medical
3252 Holiday Court
Suite 204
La Jolla, California,, USA

Tel: 800-For-Hair or 858-558-4700
Fax: 858-558-4666


Dr. James DeYarman, DO earned his medical degree at Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine & Surgery in Missouri and has successfully treated thousands of patients over the past 25 years.

After leaving family practice over 20 years ago, Dr. DeYarman concentrated exclusively on hair restoration and has had patients spanning several generations, from men in their twenties to their eighties.

The DeYarman Medical Group of La Jolla, California specializes in the highest quality, state-of-the-art hair restoration available.

Hair transplants performed at the DeYarman medical group of La Jolla are exclusively follicular unit transplantation procedures, the latest in hair restoration technology. With the use of microscopes, Dr. DeYarman and his surgical team create grafts the same size as a patient’s normal hair growth enabling them to transplant as many as 45 grafts per square centimeter and providing the patient with natural density. He emphasizes careful calculation of the number of grafts necessary to mirror a patient’s natural density, to create a natural look.

Dr. DeYarman will not perform any other method of hair restoration since follicular hair transplantation is the most precise and calculated he’s ever seen and has revolutionized the industry. He is a pioneer of the procedure and proud to be performing such an advanced and sophisticated technique.

Dr. DeYarman recently introduced another innovation that literally advanced the technique in a new direction. Dr. DeYarman now layers the transplanted hair grafts horizontally, overlapping them like tiles on a roof. That fans out the hair more naturally and covers more. Since nobody else in town is doing this, it’s an indication that Dr. DeYarman is always trying to come up with new ideas.

An expert in hairline design, Dr. DeYarman only treats one patient a day, and during a single session can transplant more than 2,500 follicular units. He believes that treating more than one patient a day, can lead to corner cutting.


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