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 Dr. Alan Feller

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Welcome to Dr Fellers bio on hair transplants

Feller Medical, PC
287 Northern Blvd
Suite 200
Great Neck, New York,, USA

Tel: 800-HAIRS-2-U or 516-487-3797
Email: info@fellermedical.com



Dr. Alan S. Feller was born, raised, attended medical school, and practices in New York. He is one of the states leading and most experienced physicians in the field of modern hair transplantation. He is Board Certified by the American Board of Hair Transplant Surgery; a member and contributor to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery since 1995; author of scientific papers covering hair transplantation as well as tissue regeneration; author and co-author of several U.S. patents, and inventor of new instrumentation and protocols for the hair transplant field.

An accomplished inventor, patent holder, and amateur engineer, Dr. Feller entered the field of Hair Transplantation shortly after receiving his medical credentials from the University of the State of New York. With literally thousands of patients and over 1.5 million grafts transplanted, Dr. Feller stands as one of the few doctors in the United States who can claim exceptional expertise in the dynamic world of Hair transplantation.

Through the years, Dr. Feller has trained many physicians from both the U.S. and abroad in the intricacies of modern hair transplantation techniques, and continues to offer professional seminars and workshops to physicians and their technicians in his Great Neck office

Dr. Feller's practice is limited exclusively to hair restoration surgery. He employs four fulltime technicians for every surgery and utilizes binocular microscopic dissection of the donor area to obtain the finest follicular grafts possible. Quality control is at the core of Dr. Feller's approach to hair restoration and he is closely involved in every aspect of the procedure until it is finished. In addition to always removing the donor tissue and creating the recipient sites at the proper angles himself, Dr. Feller also places most of the grafts personally to ensure the best results.

Dr. Feller prides himself on always being on the cutting edge of hair transplantation technology and maintains a well-stocked research and development laboratory on the premises of his Great Neck office. He is the inventor of "Cardioscope"- a new kind of heart monitor (FDA approved); the "Feller Gynescope"- a device for detecting pre-cancerous states in women; and most recently filed patents on a new microscope system called the "Binocular High-Intensity Laser Videoscope"- designed to facilitate the dissection of grafts from patients with very light colored or gray hair. He, and other professionals, believe it is the next step in the evolution of the field and may lead to the first truly automated high quality graft dissector. This invention may allow for higher quality transplants at a lower cost. The device is under investigation, and FDA filing is pending.


FUE has been used by Dr. Feller to hide scars left behind from surgery as well as repair old obsolete hair transplant work from the past. Additionally, using FUE allows healthy hair follicles to be harvested from many different areas of the body other than the scalp. Dr. Feller is currently developing and perfecting advanced methods of using follicles from the arms, leg, neck and back for use in transplant cases where the patient's normal donor area is unsuitable for the procedure.

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